Veggie Madness : CHAMPIONSHIP!

Again, we apologize for the delay. Far too much going on in our lives right now.

If you all haven’t lost interest…THE CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL!

Garlic vs. Corn

photo by kreg.steppe via PhotoRee


Even corn is considering being cut from school lunches (see the second paragraph in this article on the war on potatoes), it still should be a staple vegetable. And you all like it! Though I do have a few problems with making silverware, cups, and car fuel from corn, but that’s a discussion for another day.


Early on, we got feedback that garlic was way underseeded. So we’re not surprised to see it here at this point. It’s probably true that we’re healthier since we eat a lot of garlic these days. (Heather sez: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!)

So, which vegetable reigns supreme?

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Veggie Madness : The Final Four

We’ve been remiss about getting these out…but like, this Holy Week and Easter thing happened, and we’re church musicians.


photo by johnsu01 via PhotoRee

photo by dboy via PhotoRee

photo by redfox via PhotoRee

photo by LollyKnit via PhotoRee

Leafy Region Champion: Brussels Sprouts
Road to the Final Four:
Defeated Mustard Greens, Spinach, Arugula, and Mixed Salad Greens.

Root Region Champion: Garlic
Road to the Final Four:
Defeated Ginger, Yellow Beets, Sweet Potatoes, and Carrots.

Fruit Region Champion: Corn
Road to the Final Four:
Defeated Peas, Summer Squash, Avocados, and Heirloom Tomatoes.

Stalk Region Champion: Leeks
Road to the Final Four:
Defeated Artichokes, Cauliflower, Chard, and Broccoli.

Arbitrarily, we’re pairing Leafy with Root, and Fruit with Stalk. Also, might be most interesting for our Seattle-based friends, but we are thinking of hosting an Iron Chef-style party while we’re up in Seattle with the winner of this being the theme ingredient.

Semi-Final 1 : Brussels Sprouts vs. Garlic
Seeding aside, both of these vegetables powered through their respective regions and your comments made these look like favorites right from the start.

[poll id="63"]

Semi-Final 2 : Corn vs. Leeks
This one is more like the Butler/VCU semifinal. They’re good vegetables, but I think a little surprising based on the earlier voting patterns. Both eked through their regional final matchup over vegetables that had previously looked strong.

[poll id="64"]

Which veggie will reign supreme?

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Final Four should be going up soon…

What? All of a sudden we haven’t done this in almost two weeks. Yeah, Holy Week happened. 8 rehearsals/services in 8 days (and one of them was a double rehearsal, and one of them involved a bus trip to Waco, so really that’s like 10 things in 8 days.) Plus there’s real-life things, like work.

We also need rain! Stupid drought. Still only leafy greens in the CSA box the past couple weeks. I suppose I should be more worried about wildfires than about whether we might actually get some beets this week.

Anyway, we’re working on the Final Four so we can get this thing wrapped up before the NBA Finals finish.

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The Elite Eight Regional Finals!

Thank you to all of you who voted. It turned out to be a great race between some tough contenders (and we’re a little shocked that leeks is still in the running….sorry for the spoiler!)

Here is the next round of match-ups!


#4 Brussels Sprouts (defeated Arugula in last round)

O little cabbage

Flavor and texture robust

Savory delight


#10 Mixed Salad Greens (defeated Bok Choy in the last round)

Leafy and bitter

Sometimes sweet and crunchy red

Looks like my green lawn

[poll id="59"]


#4 Carrots (defeated Sweet Onions in the last round)

Orange and yellow

Craggy, twisted, not too straight

Good snack for munching


#7 Garlic (defeated Sweet Potatoes in last round)

Bulb of pungent love

Added to many dishes

All Vampires beware!

[poll id="60"]


#1 Heirloom Tomatoes (defeated Hot Peppers in the last round)

Flesh of many tones

So special and so pricey

Salad Caprese


#6 Corn (defeated Avocados in the last round)

Very versatile

Can be roasted, boiled, grilled, popped

Ears of golden taste

[poll id="61"]


#1 Broccoli (defeated Crimini Mushrooms in last round)

Choppin, choppin green

Choppin, choppin mean and green

Choppin, choppin green


#10 Leeks (defeated Chard in the last round)

Surprise winner here

Bully of the onion fam

Strong, green and stalky

[poll id="62"]

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Veggie Madness : We need more votes!

Last I checked…THREE of these races were tied! We need more votes! All the polls are reproduced again below.

We’re going to keep these open for a few more days to try to break some of these ties (I know, some tough choices here…)

Get your friends to vote for your favorite…if you’ve already voted, we’re working on a special treat for the next set of voting posts. Stay tuned.

[poll id="51"]
[poll id="52"]
[poll id="53"]
[poll id="54"]
[poll id="55"]
[poll id="56"]
[poll id="57"]
[poll id="58"]

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Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Stalks Region

Final Sweet 16 Region. Voting will stay open until at least the weekend. Tell your friends! There should be a little “Share” button down at the bottom and you can post on your favorite social networking site…get your friends to vote for your favorite vegetable. Next week we’ll get back to pithy commentary for the regional finals.

If you haven’t voted in the earlier posts:


…and when you get back here, let’s get right to it.

#1 Broccoli vs. #5 Crimini Mushrooms

#1 Broccoli
Previous round: Defeated Broccoli Rabe, 67% to 33%.

photo by xrrr via PhotoRee

#5 Crimini Mushrooms
Previous round: Defeated Asparagus, 55% to 45%.

photo by mallydally via PhotoRee

[poll id="57"]

#11 Chard vs. #10 Leeks

#11 Chard
Previous round: Defeated Green Onions, 62% to 38%.

photo by greenhem via PhotoRee

#10 Leeks
Previous round: Defeated Cauliflower, 67% to 33%.

photo by roboppy via PhotoRee

[poll id="58"]

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Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Fruits and Pods Region

Fruits and Pods up now. This one’s got all the ingredients for a nice hearty salsa.

#1 Heirloom Tomatoes vs. #5 Hot Peppers

#1 Heirloom Tomatoes
Previous round: Defeated Eggplant, 75% to 25%.

photo by mnapoleon via PhotoRee

#5 Hot Peppers
Previous round: Defeated Red Bell Peppers, 73% to 27%.

photo by the Italian voice via PhotoRee

[poll id="55"]

#6 Corn vs. #7 Avocados

#6 Corn
Previous round: Defeated Summer Squash, 85% to 15%.

photo by redfox via PhotoRee

#7 Avocados
Previous round: Defeated Cucumbers, 64% to 36%.

photo by enbodenumer via PhotoRee

[poll id="56"]

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Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Root Region

Wow, that game was brutal. Perhaps the women will shoot straighter tomorrow night.

(And why do the analysts say “length” when they really mean “height”?)

Onto the Root Region…which puts the “Sweet” into Sweet 16.

#8 Sweet Onions vs. #4 Carrots

#8 Sweet Onions
Previous round: Defeated Yams, 58% to 42%.

photo by srqpix via PhotoRee

#4 Carrots
Previous round: Defeated Radishes, 73% to 27%.

photo by ryancr via PhotoRee

[poll id="53"]

#11 Sweet Potatoes vs. #7 Garlic

#11 Sweet Potatoes
Previous round: Defeated Fingerling Potatoes, 62% to 38%.

photo by Dave Lifson via PhotoRee

#7 Garlic
Previous round: Skunked Yellow Beets, 100% to 0%.

photo by CarbonNYC via PhotoRee

[poll id="54"]

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Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Leafy Region

Better late than never…we were busy enjoying the real tournament, and the opening of baseball season.

We’ll try to get these done over the next few days, and we’re going by region for the Sweet 16. For time’s sake, we’ll dispense with the commentary for now.

Your Leafy Regional Semifinals:

#1 Arugula vs. #4 Brussels Sprouts

#1 Arugula
Previous round: Defeated Red Cabbage, 73% to 27%.

photo by frangrit via PhotoRee

#4 Brussels Sprouts
Defeated Spinach, 55% to 45%.

photo by Nick Saltmarsh via PhotoRee

[poll id="51"]

#3 Bok Choy vs. #10 Mixed Salad Greens

#3 Bok Choy
Defeated Collard Greens, 67% to 33%.

photo by The Marmot via PhotoRee

#10 Mixed Salad Greens
Defeated Lettuce, 58% to 42%.

photo by hflournoy1 via PhotoRee

[poll id="52"]

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A-Rod’s Got Kale. Who you got?

A-Rod had Kale in his bracket. Who are you voting for?

This Is A Photo Of A-Rod Holding Some Kale. You’re Welcome..

HT Deadspin.

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