Veggie Madness: 2nd round (part 3)

VCU and Butler in the Final Four. One of these teams will make the championship game, which is pretty cool. But what does “mid-major” mean? It’s such a corporate-speak term.

Anyway, I could rant about things like that all day. Onto the matchups…

Leafy Region – #11 Collard Greens vs. #3 Bok Choy

#11 Collard Greens
Previous round: Defeated Frisée, 54% to 46%.

Judging from the comments, Trina cast the deciding vote, saying “Frisée sucks too much to be so close in the running.” So does American Idol.

#3 Bok Choy
Previous round: Defeated Mizuna, 87% to 13%.

I found this little video from a group called “Team Bastos”. Those of you who know what that means, you have been warned. (I gotta say, I’m intrigued by these guys…and they’re based out of Houston.)

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Root Region – #11 Sweet Potatoes vs. #3 Fingerling Potatoes

#11 Sweet Potatoes
Previous round: Defeated Tri-Color Potatoes, 57% to 43%.

Sweet Potatoes seem like they’re posed to make a VCU-like run, but I can’t figure you voters out. They kinda get screwed by facing regular potatoes again for the second time. I should have included Yukon Golds, but they’re on probation for recruiting violations.

#3 Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerlings just always feel like less work than other potatoes. They taste good, they cook fast, and if you do want to slice them, you only have to slice in one direction.

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Fruits and Pods Region – #6 Corn vs. #3 Summer Squash

#6 Corn
Previous round: Defeated Peas, 86% to 14%.


Grapes of Wrath Opera from chuckumentary on Vimeo.

#3 Summer Squash
Previous round: Defeated Winter Squash, 63% to 37%.

I’m thinking Summer Squash won, because it’s always food, while sometimes people just use Winter Squash out as decorations. (Hey, how’d we not include pumpkins in the bracket? It’s like a rite of passage for the share to contain a pumpkin right around Halloween.)

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Stalks Region (I’m tired of saying “Other Stuff”) – #11 Chard vs. #3 Green Onions

#11 Chard
Previous round: Defeated Young Garlic, 62% to 38%.

A YouTube search for “Chard” pulls up this Pinoy reference, which includes the line “One of the Most Admired Love Teams of Their Generation”. Needless to say, I didn’t look any further.

#3 Green Onions
Previous round: Defeated Rhubarb, 81% to 19%.

Reminds me, I have some green onions in the refrigerator that need to get used. Booker T and the MGs take you out…

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3 Responses to Veggie Madness: 2nd round (part 3)

  1. Kate LKHR says:

    While I would have voted for corn under any circumstances, how could I have POSSIBLY resisted after that stellar Grapes of Wrath shout-out?!


    • peter says:

      Finally! I put that in there just for you (are you in the video too? I thought you might be, but the resolution isn’t good enough.) I’d been waiting impatiently for you to read the post.

  2. Kate LKHR says:

    I am, though you can’t really tell…in the clip of the full cast singing, I can see me on the right with the white kerchief on my head. But that’s only because I KNOW where I was in that scene. :)

    I have my recording sitting on my desk at work….you’ve inspired me to do a little listening today! Thanks!!