Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Leafy Region

Better late than never…we were busy enjoying the real tournament, and the opening of baseball season.

We’ll try to get these done over the next few days, and we’re going by region for the Sweet 16. For time’s sake, we’ll dispense with the commentary for now.

Your Leafy Regional Semifinals:

#1 Arugula vs. #4 Brussels Sprouts

#1 Arugula
Previous round: Defeated Red Cabbage, 73% to 27%.

photo by frangrit via PhotoRee

#4 Brussels Sprouts
Defeated Spinach, 55% to 45%.

photo by Nick Saltmarsh via PhotoRee

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#3 Bok Choy vs. #10 Mixed Salad Greens

#3 Bok Choy
Defeated Collard Greens, 67% to 33%.

photo by The Marmot via PhotoRee

#10 Mixed Salad Greens
Defeated Lettuce, 58% to 42%.

photo by hflournoy1 via PhotoRee

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3 Responses to Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Leafy Region

  1. Becky Stevens says:

    This is so tough…my two favorite vegetables. I’d have to say Arugula pleases more people, at least in America.

  2. D says:

    ewww ewwww… can’t stand arugula (“rocket”) OR brussels sprouts… how did my two least favorite vegetables advance this far?

    • peter says:

      It’s the crazy Leafy region. We’re in Leafy hell with our CSA–apparently the drought in Texas killed a bunch of the crop, so our share was nothing but leafy vegetables this week, and likely to be the same next week.