Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Root Region

Wow, that game was brutal. Perhaps the women will shoot straighter tomorrow night.

(And why do the analysts say “length” when they really mean “height”?)

Onto the Root Region…which puts the “Sweet” into Sweet 16.

#8 Sweet Onions vs. #4 Carrots

#8 Sweet Onions
Previous round: Defeated Yams, 58% to 42%.

photo by srqpix via PhotoRee

#4 Carrots
Previous round: Defeated Radishes, 73% to 27%.

photo by ryancr via PhotoRee

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#11 Sweet Potatoes vs. #7 Garlic

#11 Sweet Potatoes
Previous round: Defeated Fingerling Potatoes, 62% to 38%.

photo by Dave Lifson via PhotoRee

#7 Garlic
Previous round: Skunked Yellow Beets, 100% to 0%.

photo by CarbonNYC via PhotoRee

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One Response to Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Root Region

  1. Teresita Zaragoza says:

    Biased vote for carrots – I don’t like onions.