Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Fruits and Pods Region

Fruits and Pods up now. This one’s got all the ingredients for a nice hearty salsa.

#1 Heirloom Tomatoes vs. #5 Hot Peppers

#1 Heirloom Tomatoes
Previous round: Defeated Eggplant, 75% to 25%.

photo by mnapoleon via PhotoRee

#5 Hot Peppers
Previous round: Defeated Red Bell Peppers, 73% to 27%.

photo by the Italian voice via PhotoRee

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#6 Corn vs. #7 Avocados

#6 Corn
Previous round: Defeated Summer Squash, 85% to 15%.

photo by redfox via PhotoRee

#7 Avocados
Previous round: Defeated Cucumbers, 64% to 36%.

photo by enbodenumer via PhotoRee

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4 Responses to Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Fruits and Pods Region

  1. Kate LKHR says:

    Corn v. avocadoes was a gut-wrencher!

  2. Jenni says:

    Oh man, if heirloom tomatoes end up winning I just might cry. Ew ew ew.