When in doubt….PICKLE!

I’ve been quite successful keeping up with the vegetables in the box throughout the week. We usually eat the last CSA dish on the evening that we have just received the new veggies for the week. It can sometimes be a scramble to make things before the vegetables spoil, but we have been lucky up to this point.

Executing this takes some planning for the week! We are trying to grocery shop in a “need only” style and live as we like to call it “more European”, i.e. you stop at the small local market for your one or two fresh items that you will be using for meals that day. Things got a little “off” this week when we received a wonderful doggie-bag of Filipino and picnic food from Pete’s relatives in Houston. Suddenly, the green peppers and beans that were on deck to be sauteed were suddenly replaced by pancit and brats.

Today, as I looked into the refrigerator, I realized that I needed to do something with the neglected veggies before they were spoiled. Pickling! I mentioned it to Pete and he said that his Mom used to pickle beans when he was young and he loved them. I paged through my Filipino cookbooks to find a simple pickling recipe and started chopping my veggies! Into the jars went: dill, ginger, garlic, summer squash, green peppers, cucumbers and the inspiration for it all, green beans. I mixed together a pickling solution of white vinegar and spiced vinegar and poured it over the vegetable mix. I’m really looking forward to exploring how the tastes have melded when they are ready to eat in a few days.

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