Veggie Madness : Sweet 16, Stalks Region

Final Sweet 16 Region. Voting will stay open until at least the weekend. Tell your friends! There should be a little “Share” button down at the bottom and you can post on your favorite social networking site…get your friends to vote for your favorite vegetable. Next week we’ll get back to pithy commentary for the regional finals.

If you haven’t voted in the earlier posts:


…and when you get back here, let’s get right to it.

#1 Broccoli vs. #5 Crimini Mushrooms

#1 Broccoli
Previous round: Defeated Broccoli Rabe, 67% to 33%.

photo by xrrr via PhotoRee

#5 Crimini Mushrooms
Previous round: Defeated Asparagus, 55% to 45%.

photo by mallydally via PhotoRee

[poll id="57"]

#11 Chard vs. #10 Leeks

#11 Chard
Previous round: Defeated Green Onions, 62% to 38%.

photo by greenhem via PhotoRee

#10 Leeks
Previous round: Defeated Cauliflower, 67% to 33%.

photo by roboppy via PhotoRee

[poll id="58"]

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