Final Four should be going up soon…

What? All of a sudden we haven’t done this in almost two weeks. Yeah, Holy Week happened. 8 rehearsals/services in 8 days (and one of them was a double rehearsal, and one of them involved a bus trip to Waco, so really that’s like 10 things in 8 days.) Plus there’s real-life things, like work.

We also need rain! Stupid drought. Still only leafy greens in the CSA box the past couple weeks. I suppose I should be more worried about wildfires than about whether we might actually get some beets this week.

Anyway, we’re working on the Final Four so we can get this thing wrapped up before the NBA Finals finish.

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2 Responses to Final Four should be going up soon…

  1. Kate LKHR says:

    We have ALL SORTS of rain (and snow) we can send you. Mother Nature is stuck in March up here. Ugh!