Fried Green Tomatoes

Well, not quite. But we got green tomatoes this week. And the only thing I know about green tomatoes is that there was a movie called Fried Green Tomatoes that I haven’t actually seen. (And we’ll probably make fried green tomatoes over the weekend.)

Anyway, we had some leftover barbecue brisket from the weekend, and Heather made fried rice for breakfast this morning, using the leftover brisket. We’ve done the barbecue beef fried rice a few times, it comes out pretty well, as long as the barbecue isn’t too sweet, though it’s still slightly sweeter than I usually like from fried rice. While she was making it, I spied the green tomatoes and suggested we throw one in there, especially since there was no vegetable in the pan. It worked! The sourness of the green tomato paired nicely with the sweetness of the brisket. Voila…Southern/Filipino fusion cuisine!

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2 Responses to Fried Green Tomatoes

  1. Beej says:

    Not sure if I’ve mentioned it to you yet, but you’ve got to pick up this braising book. We end up braising a ton of our farm share. Love the blog, maybe I’ll start posting foodie stuff again now that race and vacation season are over.

    • peter says:

      Thanks for the recommendation…I’ll check it out. Braising is still hit-or-miss with me, I haven’t quite got the hang of it, yet it seems like it should be easy. My sister braises a lot of her farm share too.