Recycling into Soup

So the other day Heather braised bok choy and radishes flavored with miso, and while it tasted good, was over-misoed and salty.

Now another challenge we have, in addition to using up the box, is also to not let the leftovers go to waste, even when we know a dish wasn’t a complete success. What to do with too much miso? Why, miso soup!

This was going to be our full dinner last night, so I decided to make a soup heartier than that miso soup you get with your sushi at a Japanese restaurant. I pulled some pork neck bones out of the freezer, and simmered them with some celery and ginger for about an hour to make a good broth. Then I dropped the leftover bok choy, radish, and miso into the pot, and threw in some yellow summer squash we we hadn’t used yet.

Miso soup

It came out well–turning it into soup solved the problem of too much saltiness. We still might have too much soup, but we feel good about not letting those leftovers go to waste.

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