Side Dishes : Braised Radishes and Sweet Potato Latkes

Our main dish on Sunday was just turkey legs and thighs (we didn’t need a whole turkey…so why not just the best parts?), so we made a couple of side dishes with our CSA veggies.

The first was a simple one–daikon radish braised with its own greens. I started with < href="">this recipe–ginger, garlic, and soy sauce in addition to the braising chicken broth. I used some chopped onion and celery since I chopped too much for stuffing, but left out the sugar (something I got from my family. I pretty much leave out the sugar in most meat/veggie recipes, unless it’s integral to dish or needed for some reason other than taste.) Greens are still hard for us, since we need to get enough bitterness out to want to eat more than a little bit, but this recipe is a keeper.

The other side dish was a bit more work, but we had found a recipe for yam and curry latkes in one of our recipe books. Since we had sweet potatoes and bell peppers, and a can of garbanzo beans in the pantry, it turned out the only ingredients we didn’t have on hand were cilantro and mustard seed. Quick trip to the store solved that. The only real issue was that there was a little too much sweet potato, so I had trouble getting the whole mixture to stick together and made way more latkes than we needed.

But these came out so good–we’ve been eating them all week.

As a bonus, I made a pumpkin cream cheese pie, and instead of a regular pie crust, reused leftover graham crackers from camping s’mores to make the crust!

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