Winter Squash

A quick one while I watch the Eagles (hopefully) finish off the Cowboys…

We got our first winter squash this week. I’ve almost taken off fingers in the past trying to chop and peel an uncooked winter squash for cooking, so we generally slice it once in half and roast it in the oven, sometimes serving it as is after that, or then preparing it further.

Today, while Heather was singing her last Messiah of a four-performance weekend, I came home to watch the early football games and make something with our squash. The other remaining veggie for the week were 5 bell peppers, so I roasted the squash and the peppers in order to make a winter squash soup. After roasting the squash halves for 45 minutes and the bell peppers for 15 minutes, I then placed the peppers and the squash (now easily removed from the peel) in a quart of chicken broth, added 1 tsp of hot paprika, brought it to a boil, then simmered for an hour. Finally, I pureed the solid bits in the Cuisinart and added a little bit of salt and pepper for a mostly simple soup.

No picture today, but it was delicious.

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