I conquered TOFU!!!!

Tofu has always been terrifying for me…I’ve tried and tried throughout the years and it never tasted good and the consistency was—-well, not so good.

After a wonderful experience with tempeh over the Thanksgiving weekend (thanks Courtenay and Mark!) I decided it was time to approach it again. We had eggplant, broccoli, green onions, green pepper and napa cabbage left from the box, so I decided to attempt lettuce/cabbage cups.

I headed off to the grocery store for cilantro, ginger and limes and thought that I would use chicken in the lettuce cups, but was lured into trying tofu. Here we go!

I finely chopped the eggplant, green onion, green pepper and cilantro in the food processor. I then cut the extra firm tofu (this is the secret I have now discovered…I’ve always chosen too soft tofu!) and sauteed it in the wok with a little patis (fish sauce). Then I added the vegetable mixture and stirred it in the wok over medium high heat for five minutes.

The sauce for the cups is a mixture of peanut butter, patis, red curry paste, lime juice and a little bit of canola oil. To assemble, we took a full napa cabbage leaf, filled the center with the tofu/veggie mixture, spread the sauce on top and then sprinkled peanuts to finish it. (On a side note, I couldn’t find the peanut jar, so I meticulously picked out the peanuts from a container of trail mix)

I am so happy with the results and am getting more and more confident about both vegetarian and Thai cooking.

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